Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My trip to Spain.....

We've had an apartment in Spain for as long as we've been together. It's 3 bedrooms and has a pool on site although for the last couple of years the pool hasn't been in use as it needs major works. 

The last time we visited I was 4 months pregnant with Nathan (nearly 4). We've tried renting it out but it ends up with no rent being paid and bills being run up. 

It's a lovely apartment and what with making the decision to homeschool our children it seems a waste for it to be empty now that we could be using it. 

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am lying on a sunbed on the beach enjoying the relaxation that has eluded me the last 3 days. 

Kenny and I decided I should come over, check it out, clean it up and see what we needed to make it our second home. 

On Sunday my mum and I boarded a plain to sunny Spain and all that waited for me. I knew the electric might be off but arriving to no water at all was a surprise. Do you know how much I have taken water for granted? It has been a stressful few days arranging for electricians to provide safety certificates and spending two and a half hours In Acosol (the only water company) and cleaning a spacious apartment with bottled water and not being able to was properly to now be able to say I have water, the electric will be on in 5 days and the apartment is ready for my boys. I've also been driving over here this time and have found my bearings!

I board a flight tomorrow to return to my beautiful family and although I haven't had as much beach time as I would of liked, I can go home knowing I can bring my boys over and it's ready for them. 

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy this view for a couple if hours before I enjoy my first shower in 3 days!

Adios xxxx