Friday, 15 June 2012


I've been noticing recently that Nathan needs a lot more stimulation than to just play with toys now. I'm not talking mathematical equations, he just needs more. I know people say that kids are like sponges but it truly amazes me just how he picks things up.

A week ago I started to do some basic number recognition with him. He has a book called Billy The Bear which is one of his favourites at the moment. It has magnetic animals and also the numbers 1-10 to put on each page. All I started to do was show him the numbers and tell him what they were. I'd then ask him for the number and he'd pass it to me to be placed on the page. There were a few he wasn't sure of and I didn't push him with them at all but when my bargain Lacing Numbers turned up (that I got on eBay for £3) I thought I'd give him a go with them and he knew all but number 9. The only reason he struggled with that is because it's exactly the same as the number 6. I couldn't believe how well he'd done after just 3 days. He was also away lacing the tiny fiddly holes after a couple of attempts! I've since spoken to  his Montessori Pre-school Directress and she had a look at what he's been learning there and they haven't even started on numbers yet so everything he's learnt is from me!

Since then we've started playing a game with his big alphabet puzzle where I say the phonetic sound and he passes me the piece of the puzzle. He really enjoys this and it's a great way for him to learn the sounds rather than the letter. Any learning that we're doing I'm trying to find ways to make fun as he seems to lap it up a lot easier-plus he's not even 3 yet!

Ethan bless him is teething heavily at the moment and is extremely grumpy, he's teething for longer before cutting the tooth as well so this week on recommendation I introduced the teething granules and I also brought a baltic amber necklace which arrived yesterday. Hopefully these things help as it's hard to see my normally happy baby so sad. Watch this space.

Generally we've had a great week. Today sees the scaffolding go up for the start of our extension which will start on the 25th so this coming week I'll be deciding what I need to take and then pack for my 2 weeks at the Haven park in Hastings!

How's your week been so far? What fun tips do you have to stimulate your little ones and keep them interested?

Until next time.

Lisa x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lesson learnt....

Since making the decision to home school the boys I've been looking at our local "home ed" groups to see what activities there are and what local meet ups etc are available. Although I won't go over the top trying to incorporate "social time" into our day, trips out with other children and families will be fun for everyone.

I was invited along to one on the 1st June. It was just a meet up at a park local to me. I decided to take Nathan along and leave Ethan at home so off we went. I was full of apprehension and excitement at meeting people that were already well in the thrust of home schooling their children and Nathan, well he was really excited to be going to the park! We went to the main park first and it was heaving! There were tonnes of families there, all different age groups and I was completely at a loss as to who were just at the park or who was there for the meet up. I decided to have a walk round as there were also some horses, a paddling pool and a soft play area to explore. Nathan is besotted with animals and spent an awful long time just talking to them.

We then got close to the paddling pool where somebody had forgotten to close the gate to it. Nathan did no more than turn to look at me and make a dash to the water. Yep he went in full clothed, shoes and all! I hadn't taken a change of clothes as I knew I wouldn't be staying that long and it wasn't a sunny day so I didn't think the paddling pool would be involved in our trip! I decided it was best to just let him play in there as otherwise it was a trip back home and he was having so much fun I didn't want to spoil it.

I then found out the people I was due to meet were in the soft play section. Ooops. After about half an hour Nathan was getting cold so I had to entice him back to the car where luckily I had a spare pair of pants and then I had to get a very sad little boy back home to warm up.

I didn't get to meet the people I was supposed to meet but I did learn a valuable lesson that I should of remembered when I was a cub scout (yes really I was!) Always be prepared!