Sunday, 30 September 2012

What a haul!

Wow! What can I say. We've had an amazing weekend. It started yesterday when we made a Scarecrow. Nathan had been asking most of the week so yesterday with the sun shining we made Sam the Scarecrow!
What do you think? We were bowled over with our first attempt and although I thought he'd terrify the boys they seem to love him-phew!

I've recently met another mum who has a 2.5 year old little girl called Jessica. They are also going to homeschool and it's been really nice meeting up with her. Jess and Nathan have forged a beautiful friendship, they walk along hand in hand and insist on kisses goodbye, it's so cute. I'm lucky in that Lisa is so easy to get on with it's a pleasure spending time with her. Anyway she has some amazing toys and educational activities in her house and when I questioned where she had managed to find them she told me at our local car boot sale. Rachael (my Twitter friend) is also always posting the bargains she's picked up from boot sales and she always manages to find bits I've brought brand new!

I decided to give it a go so this morning I was up and out by 7am. Was it worth the early wake up call? It certainly was! Here's most of my haul, there are a couple of other books and animals but they're been hijacked already!
These bookswere brand new, still in cellophane and were £3. I'd been looking at buying them off of Amazon anyway so couldn't believe it when I stumbled across these!
I've also been looking at increasing the bricks we have as we don't have many. I got these and another bag for £2!
Picture isn't great but these are solid wood and lovely. Ethan will love them although as he's asleep Nathan has claimed them at the moment! 50p I think!
We have some of these books already and both boys love them. They're like brand new so they are going to be one of Ethans Christmas stocking presents! £1 I think!

Two of these puzzles are still wrapped and will also be a Christmas pressie but the number one is already being used! £1.
 A selections of books. These were just pence. The Christmas carol one is brand new and has a CD with it. I can't wait to bring this out in December!
This is a Thomas track that was £1 and suprisingly has all the parts. It also came with the original train and Nathan loves it. I only mentioned to Kenny last week I wanted to buy a new track for him! So glad I waited.

There were a couple of other bits I haven't taken pictures of. I really can't wait to go to another one but I'd take lots more bags with me!

I'll leave you with a picture of my youngest who was trying on the Pirate hat that I brought the other day.
Have a great week and thanks for reading.

Lisa x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How Travel Changes...

When I was 18 I used to have an hours train journey into work and back. I used to relish this quiet time. A time to catch up on some reading or to just reflect on the day ahead or even to relax after the day has passed.

This morning I'm travelling up to London on the 07:03 train. It was hard to decide what to bring with me to occupy my time on the journey. I chose crochet and a magazine. My husband chose his iPad on which he's now watching a film.

As I look around me on this train and listen to the constant dings, rings and jingles that signify a new email, text or phone call I wonder when things changed. I also spot more than half the people around me with some form of media tablet. There's a woman diagonal to me who has 3 phones. 3. Do I have an iPad? I certainly do. But I also relish leaving the technology behind to have some peace and reflection.

I'm sitting here as I enjoy having some time to myself and wonder how the little things are being missed. How technology is now so important that a peaceful train journey is now a busy bustling journey and I haven't seen a single person with a good old fashioned book or a magazine.

I wonder how it will be in a couple of years time?

Ironically I picked up my phone to blog about it. I'm now putting my phone down to get back on with my crochet whilst everyone around me gets stressed and angry at the small delay we've encountered.

For me it's the simple things.