Monday, 14 January 2013

Meal planning=less waste

So one of the many resolutions I made this year was to reduce the amount of good I waste. I never intentionally let food go to waste but I am always suckered in to the offers and buy one get loads free deals.

One way I thought to combat this was to plan my meals for the month, I've done them before weekly but only sporadically and half heartedly.

So how's it going I hear you ask? It's brilliant! I look at my print out on my freezer to see what needs to be defrosted and go from there.

I can honestly say I've stuck to it pretty much with a change here and there to use up leftovers from a previous meal but what really hit home today was putting the bins out for rubbish collection tomorrow. We normally have 5-6 black sacks-I know it's terrible (made worse by the fact I compost all fruit and veg). Well today with clearing both bins I only have two and a half black sacks. This is amazing bearing in mind that one of those sacks had nappies and cat litter in from the outside bin.

I'm honestly shocked that it has reduced this much already. Now I'm on a mission to reduce it to two sacks only, one for the outside bin and one for indoors!

How do you ensure your waste is kept down? Any ideas to help me reduce even further (other than to get rid of the cats!) are greatly received!

Lisa xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

A great start

I've just read through my last post and it seemed somewhat sombre. I think this was due to the fact that I'd had a sickness bug for four days including on Christmas day so it was a bit of a struggle to raise much enthusiasm for anything. It's the first year I've lost weight rather than gained any which says a lot!

Our year has started off wonderfully. I've made a pledge for us to have a smoothie a day for the year-not a new one every day mind but a smoothie none the less. It's going well the boys love them which is great and so far they've all been delicious!

I've also made a start on new craft projects and set realistic goals for the year. I left things so late/thought I was superwoman and didn't get much of what I wanted to done before Christmas I did however finish my granny ripple blanket which gave me great satisfaction.

I'm also reawakening my love of reading for pleasure. I've been reading so many homeschooling books lately-not finishing any and really putting myself under pressure which is just plain stupid. My first book of choice is a Jodi Picoult Salem Falls is the title. I'll post here on how I get on.

The boys are just wonderful Ethan is so much cheesier than Nathan was at his age but it's hardly surprising!

Anyway I'm off to do a spot of sewing before I pick my book up.

Have a great evening xx