Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 Goals

As always it's been forever since I posted. I would say that I'll post every week but I'm not sure I will as there always seems to be something else I want to do.

Coming into 2015 and leaving 2014 behind, I did an awful lot of reflection. As I've documented on here before we had a lot of financial issues last year, near bankruptcy at one point and although we're in a better situation we now have a lot of debt. I've been reading up a bit on personal finance and my aim this year is to clear all our personal credit card debt (approx £14,000), and to also clear some of the business debt.

I'm yet to actually put figures to paper but I will definitely be posting progress on here, or alternatively start a separate blog as it will hold me accountable.

Homeschool wise, I recently read an article written by a mum to 6 kids about how you can bog yourself down with reading too much about all the different pedagogies in homeschooling. I'm so guilty of this. Constantly thinking I should be doing this or that and then feeling deflated when things aren't going how I think they should. Where did my goal of following our children's lead go? I've felt so snowed under with it all that I completely doubted our decision. I sat down, took a step back and realised that actually we need to just plug away, enjoying each other and building relationships until we find what works for us. This morning Nathan wrote the alphabet and a little note to his sister, he did a lot of maths sums, read a book, did his sight words and then we played lots of games. One was a rhyming matching game and I thought he'd struggle but he read the first half and then matched the second half. He completed the whole thing, helping his brother as he went along.

They also spent an hour working together making up different patterns from the Design and Drill set they got for Christmas. They worked together beautifully, in fact this morning was a morning where I sighed with contentment that just for a couple of hours there was peace and harmony in our house!

I've decided that I will be doing a lot more personal reading as well. I never make time to just read for the pleasure of it. I've written a list of all books I currently have and again, I'll post it on here. My aim is to read the books and then put them to one side to be sold at a car boot that I will be doing around May time which leads me to my next goal. Decluttering. We have so much STUFF. Stuff that never gets used and hasn't been used for years. Any money made from eBay before March will be used for our holiday to CenterParcs and after that it will be used for debt or savings.