Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

We'll today is my birthday. Another day older than yesterday. No bother, my life is getting better each year so I'm not in turmoil that I'm no longer a 'youngster' lol.

I've had a truly wonderful birthday today. The last couple of years I've felt that I've not really been made a fuss of by the boys and husband but this year was perfect. They had gotten me lovely cards, a box of my favourite chocolates and an A4 Finsbury Filofax in Raspberry that I had asked for. I want to use this to start brainstorming homeschool ideas and also for meal planning and household bits. They also sung Happy Birthday on repeat!

My favourite birthday gift by far was the card that I received from Nathan and Ethan. For the last few weeks we've had a homeschool schedule in place just to start covering some reading, writing and maths. It's taken a few tweaks and adjustments but we've found a great rhythm now and I just need to add in some topic work and fun science type experiments and we'll be in a great groove. Here is what made me so happy.

I was so impressed that Nathan had written his own name unassisted and so we'll it brought a tear yo my eye :-)

We finished the day off with a lovely tea party. 

I've had the best birthday in years and feel very loved and lucky!

I hope you're Valentines day has been equally as nice!

Lisa x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

We're having a girl!

That's right folks, a couple of weeks ago we found out that our baby is a little girl. If you follow me on Instagram (@lisarye) this will be old news-sorry!

We're very happy with this and she's doing great and growing well. Here's our latest picture:

And here's the beginning of her first blanket. Lovely and bright don't you think?

I'll be back soon. There's lots to add about our homeschool!

Have an amazing day. 

Lisa x