Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Beauty of Nature.

In a bid to spend more time out and about in our gorgeous surroundings I took the boys to Highdown Gardens today. It's just stunning there. An abundance of flowers, shrubs, trees and hiding nooks makes for a great open space for two boys with seemingly never ending energy.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I did have my trusty iphone with me and managed to put this little collage of images together.

We had a great day with Nathan suggesting a game of hide and seek it was good fun and my ever observant little boys kept calling to me as soon as they spotted any small insects and were issuing instructions to take a picture.

I happily obliged as this is a new found love of me taking pictures, normally they run a mile so I'm hoping they're realising I'm just trying to capture memories for when they're older-or when I am!

We finished off the morning enjoying a roast beef carvery which really was delicious.

All in all a good day was had by all and both boys will sleep soundly tonight :-)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nathan turns 4.

This week has seen a busy week of me flapping around like a headless chicken making birthday arrangements for our eldest son.

His birthday was on Tuesday and in true tradition that we have created, we visited Toys R Us in Hove. It's the only time that we visit and he was so looking forward to his annual visit.

Luckily for us he's not into all the big branded toys-yet. He did however choose a pack of Scleich dinosaurs, two Cars 2 diecast toys and a big red Scheich dragon (he told me its the dragon from Room on The Broom).

Fast forward a few hours and we had a tea party where all family came over and the day ended as well as it had began.

For the rest of the week we spent time on the beach, Nathan had his first trip to the cinema with his daddy and I had a few hours of one to one time with Ethan.

Saturday saw us have Nathan's first "proper" birthday party which was held at our local swimming centre and consisted a Pirate Ship bouncy castle. To say there was excitement is an understatement.

To wrap up, he's had an amazing birthday, Ethan has enjoyed all the parties and cake too and I'm exhausted and glad that my birthday organising is over until next year!

Now time for me to have a coffee and a rest........