Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy New Year!

As 2012 comes to an end I'm excited for 2013. It's looking to be a good year and looking back over 2012 I'm happy to say it's been a good year for us. Both boys are doing well and surprise us every day with how they come along.

New year wouldn't be complete without some resolutions. Here are mine.

I want to be more organised. When I told my friend this she laughed and said I was already organised. I am to a degree but I want to be really organised. I'm going to try to meal plan a month in advance and see how that works for me. I'm also going to batch cook twice a month to carry over some meals.

I'm going to organise more activities for the boys. I find some days are just spent trying to keep them occupied when all it would take are a few things up my sleeve and it'd be much easier when boredom sets in.

I'm going to make sure I take time to do my crafty projects that I want to do. This is going to be really important for me this year. I have a lot of fabric and yarn and intend to make use of it all this year. I really want to improve my sewing machine skills too.

My last and most important resolution is to just enjoy my family. I need to learn bit more patience, accept that it doesn't matter if the floors don't get cleaned until later and just have fun and laugh with them.

I'm looking forward to 2013 and hope it's a great year for you all too.

Lisa x

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well what can I say, I love Christmas. I've loved it more since meeting Kenny and now having our children but it's always been my favourite time of year. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the lights or the cosiness, maybe the comfort food or maybe just everything in excess! This December I had the best intentions in the world. I was going to be Super Mum, crafting and baking to our hearts content, hand making presents and all my cards. Has that happened? Has it heck! We have however been very busy doing fun things, a couple of trips to Drusillas being at the top of the list. Drusillas is an amazing zoo thats about 30 minutes from our house and it's the boys favourite place to go. I brought an annual membership a couple of months ago and have already got my moneys worth so definitely a good investment. Here are a few pictures from our month.

Nathan the Dare devil on a huge slide!
Ethan looking gorgeous and relaxed

Daddy and Nathan looking for shells
We are now plagued with coughs and colds and I'm trying to feed them lots of food to help beat it before christmas. The only problem I'm having is their appetites are greatly reduced at the moment!

I truly wish you all a very Merry Christmas however you are celebrating and here's to a wonderful 2013!