Monday, 2 December 2013

Ever wonder why you bother?

Ever have one of those days where you break your back trying to make sure everything is great, running around last minute because you forgot some bits with your pregnancy fuzzled brain (maybe that's just me), and then when you present whatever you've been doing it's met with an "Is that it?" kind of attitude. Or "Can I have the TV on now?" Cue my day today.

It started well, we took the boys swimming this morning, as we do every Sunday morning and they were amazing. They've both been having swimming lessons and their confidence in the water has increased so dramatically in 6 weeks that it astounds me. Nathan will now swim in the deep end, albeit with a float thing on his back, but he'll also swim with his face underwater and jump in unaided. In fact yesterday Nathan spent his whole time in the deep end yesterday. Ethan is going through a phase where he doesn't want to go swimming but once he's there he's great. He too was jumping in unaided but stayed in his depth. Still great progress for him.

We then rushed home as we had my brother and sister in law popping round. The boys idolise Kenny's brother so it was a really great morning. Upon coming home from swimming we found these little fellas waiting for them.

The excitement was short lived and they soon ran off. Not quite how I was expecting it to go but hey. Both boys were very tired come lunchtime. Ethan has a nap everyday for at least an hour. Nathan rarely naps but he looked exhausted so both boys went to bed. Neither of them slept. Not a wink. Great.

We thought we'd take them to the beach as they love spending time there and the tide was out. Perfect crab hunting conditions. On went welly boots and coats and we set off. It was horrendous. We shoud of stayed home. Withing 10 minutes Nathan had tripped Ethan up so he was covered in sand and wet. Nathan then ignored warnings of going in the rock pond where there was deep water as he'd get wet. Do you think he listened? Nope. Did he get wet feet? Yep. Cue a complete meltdown followed by him taking his socks off, screaming blue murder that he wanted his wellies off as well, to which we said that he'd get cold feet. He obviously ignored us. Took his wellies off and within minutes was going nuts again as he had cold feet. Eventually we got back to the car, picked up fish and chips on the way home-shouldn't of bothered they were crap and got the boys in the bath. Bedtime was in sight!

I then remembered that at 7am I'd frantically been wrapping 24 books for a book advent I had decided to do.

After their bath I made them hot chocolate and we went into the front room to see what the surprise was I'd just told them about! To be met with nothing short of ungratefulness. They weren't bothered, I got the hump and my husband helpfully told me I'd picked the wrong time. I then went through different emotions. Were we raising spoilt children? Why didn't they appreciate what I'd done? Why were they more interested in the chocolates on the tree? Why does Nathan love the TV so much? Is it too much?

I then  put it into perspective. They're 4 and 2. Nathan only has TV at certain times of the day and after his bath is one of those times. Ethan doesn't sit still. What kid doesn't like chocolate? They were both exhausted. I was exhausted. Still am.

Excuses? Maybe but I have to think like this otherwise I'd never bother with anything for them and where's the fun in that?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

What have we been up to?

As usual it's been forever since I last blogged-surprise surprise!

The big news that we have here in our household is that baby number 3 is cooking :-)

The first 11 weeks were really tough, the toughest I've experienced, bad sickness and terrible tiredness. I'm not sure if it's because I have the two boy that I have with me full time that made it harder or that this was just a harder beginning or my pregnancy.

Regardless I'm now feeling much better and more like a human again!

I'll leave you with a picture of our new little one :-)

Hope you've had a great weekend.

Lisa xx