Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday.

As much as I eat clean and train mean(!) I do keep my evening meals 'normal' so that the boys and I are eating the same food. I cook our meals from scratch and am a big lover of batch cooking. So the week we will have:

Monday- Butter chicken (without the butter) with basmati rice and veg

Tuesday - Homemade salmon burgers and Caesar salad. 

Wednesday - Mild chicken fajitas

Thursday - Homemade cottage pie and veg

Friday - Homemade pizza for the boys. Chicken curry for the grown ups :-)

Saturday - We are having a Halloween fancy dress party for the kids but there are an awful lot of people coming now so I'll be making pulled pork rolls, chunky chilli and rice and also sausages, baked pots and beans. 

Sunday - I'm hoping there will be plenty of leftovers. Otherwise it'll be roast lamb! 

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